Ron Pampero Añejo BOT.70 cl
  • Ron Pampero Añejo BOT.70 cl

Ron Puntacana 7 Años BOT.70 cl


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Ron Punta Cana 7 Years BOT.70cl Very Old
This traditional rum is the true product of the Dominican Republic. It symbolizes respect for the origin and essence of true quality rum Dominicans. To taste just ice in a balloon glass or cocktail. The palate is creamy notes of pastry and joinery, background cane syrup.


It is the most daring rum Oliver home. Everything about it is an adventure, intense mahogany color, aromas reminiscent reeds, old forests, confectionery, malt and chocolate notes. Staying on the palate is harmonious, delicate and warm manner. In his farewell initial bouquet is recovered.

Origin: Dominicano.

Solera year 1215.

APV Grade 34 and 38%

Style: Contemporary.

Type: Semi Sec.

Body: Medium.

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