Cream "Pemartín". Ten Bodega Merito 70 cl.Compra 6 bottles 10%
  • Cream "Pemartín". Ten Bodega Merito 70 cl.Compra 6 bottles 10%

Sherry Wine Cream "Pemartín". Ten Bodega Merito 70 cl.


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Cream Pemartín

The aging of this wine has its origins in the old cellars of José Pemartín & Cia. Founded in the year 1,810. Made from Palomino grapes, whose must is headed to 17º with vinous alcohol, aging in American oak casks with oxidative aging for more than three years, which gives it its aroma and pungent and fragrant bouquet, then adding a small portion of Pedro Ximenez wine that gives softness and sweetness in the mouth. Its color is amber to mahogany.


Once extracted the must and in order to stop his fermentation, adds wine alcohol up to reaching the 10 º approximately to stabilize it. During the following autumn and winter, the wine will be clarified. Later, one proceeds to the "untied one", that is to say, to the cleanliness of sediments. It is headed again, this time up to the 15 º; and of there it goes on to the boots where he will enjoy a process of upbringing oxidativa for the system of crossbeams and criaderas for 5 years. To the senses: dense, sweet, velvet, tasty. For The Teacher, it harmonizes with … …. Blue cheeses.

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