wine BODEGAS BERTOLA PALO CUT 12 YEARS 75 CL DO. Jerez Xeres Sherry


PALO BERTOLA sherry wine cellars cut 12 YEARS 75 CL.

The origin of screeds Palo Cortado is always very old; come from those moments wines fermented in boots and therefore had multiple oenological variables that caused subtle differences between wines of the same vintage. Today supervisors continue to select the very special young and delicate wines to nourish those old screeds and maintain the special character of the Cortados Palos.

Wine of great complexity that combines aromatic amontillado and oloroso delicacy of corpulence on the palate.

18.51 € tax incl.

18.51 € per 1

Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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