VINO OLOROSO ALBUREJO Bodegas Álvaro Domeq 75CL D.O. Jerez- Xérès-Sherry


It is a wine that encloses an intoxicating, perfect aroma for the appetizer and for the most agreeable moments of the half evening. Soft and seducer, of very much body and less dry than the amontillado one, his(her,your) long upbringing has granted depth and a perfect roundness to him(her).

Notes of trying
Color mahogany, old, brilliant, alive(vivacious) agreeable gold. Round, deep aroma, classic shades, to old oak, with smell of nuts. Soft, permanent mouth, with very much body, to oak and nuts, "classic", round.

Ideal to accompany old cheeses, dried fruits, meats, consommes.

14.14 € tax incl.

14.14 € per 1

Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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