Sangria tinto LOLEA 75 cl. 7 %Vol


Sangria rose LOLEA 75 cl.
In a homemade sangria the rest during the necessary cooling before consumption, is fundamental for the extraction of flavors and aromas and their integration, so that a bottled sangria, when all the components are of quality and are in the right proportions, can be Better than another prepared in front of us.

  Designed from wines of the best grapes of our environment, cabernet sauvignon and merlot for No. 1 and muscatel for No. 2, with natural citrus juice from Levante, the punch spiced cinnamon and vanilla respectively and with the caress Of a wraparound and sexy carbon. Unpasteurized, without preservatives, fresh and alive. Nothing more, nothing less, with the bottle resting for a few hours in the fridge, served in a glass or glass of fine glass, with slices of lemon and orange and a few ice cubes of clear water, Lolea. A cool breeze in the world of soft drinks with wine.

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