We are very proud of our bio-breeding wine cellar under flower veil, produces extraordinary fines, all generous and distinguished. The situation of the winery, its orientation and the materials with which it is built contribute to the development of a microclimate very favorable to the development of yeasts.

The natural protection that the veil offers to these broths through the nurseries, it avoids the oxidation and it modifies it deeply, taking place the more intense oenological process that exists. All this prints a special nature to these wines.

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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Generous wine class
Type of wine Jerez Fino
Palomino Fine Grapes
Tierra Albariza, Upper Jerez
Biological aging, under flower veil
Alcohol content 15% vol
Color Pale and bright gold
Aroma Punching and delicate, with almond-shaped souvenirs, grass and fresh bread dough
Palate Light, soft and very dry. Pleasant feeling of freshness and bitter aftertaste reminiscent of almonds
Consumption Suitable for the appetizer and the lids: olives, nuts, ham. Perfect with fish and seafood, especially with salads (anchovies). Due to its low acidity, it combines in an extraordinary way with gazpachos, fish in marinade and salads with vinegar. Serve very cold between 6 ° and 8 ° C

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