Maestro Sierra Amontillado sherry Superior 12 years BOT 75 CL
  • Maestro Sierra Amontillado sherry Superior 12 years BOT 75 CL

Maestro Sierra oloroso sherry Superior 12 years BOT 37.5 CL


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Old age 15 years
Dry wine bred in American oak boots by oxidative aging
19% vol.
Variety: 100% Palomino

Taking as a starting point the base wine from the Palomino grape, it is headed with wine alcohol until the 18º of alcoholic volume. From that moment, it moves to American oak boots (500 liters) where it develops an oxidative aging, that is, its aging in constant contact with the air, exposed at all times to the slow action of oxygen in the system of Soleras and criaderas.

The slow loss of water through the walls of the wood during the 15 years in which it remains in breeding, propitiates a process of continuous concentration, which causes the win


The initial pale straw colour turns into a lovely amber, new aromas of vanilla and nuts arise and it becomes round and smooth on the palate. At twelve years of age and 18º alcohol content these new organoleptic characteristics acquired in the long ageing process come to the fore. Serve at approx. 14ºC with poultry, blue fish and mature cheese.

Wine class: generous Wine type: amontillado sherry Grape variety: Palomino fino Soil: albariza / Jerez Superior Wine press: continuous Fermentation: First phase tumultuous , second phase slow. Fermentation temperature: at 22-24ºC, by refrigerated system Must: approx. 11% alc. by volume. Fortification: the alcohol strength is raised, adding wine alcohol, from 11% to 15% at first and, after three years, to 17%. Ageing: First biological, under a yeast layer for three years, followed by oxidation for more than nine years. Age: over 12 years old in the traditional Jerez system of criaderas (5) and solera. Barrels: American oak, called butts, capacity 500 litres. Final alcohol content: 18% vol. Colour: old gold to amber Aroma: deeply pungent and smooth.(hazelnuts) Palate: mild and light. Serving: at a temperature of 14ºC, ideal with poultry and blue fish, cured ham and mature cheese etc. -

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