Wine sherry EXTRA OLD OLD 1/7 vors


Wine sherry EXTRA OLD OLD 1/7 vors 75 cl.
Oloroso 1/7
Old age 80 years
Dry wine raised in American oak boots by oxidative aging
22% vol.
Variety: 100% Palomino

If the Oloroso Maestro Sierra of 50 years shows impressive organoleptic qualities, in the case of Oloroso 1/7 with an old age of 80 years, the sensations are almost indescribable.

The wine concentrates in that long process of aging while the alcohol is also strengthened thanks to the laborious work of evaporation through the oak boots.

The result of his oxidative aging, which in this case rises to almost 80 years in American oak boots, turns his tasting and pairing into an intense, incomparable, incomparable experience.

238.01 € tax incl.

238.01 € per 1

Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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