Apóstoles Palo Cortado muy viejo VORS
  • Apóstoles Palo Cortado muy viejo VORS

Wine scented rotten Apostles very old VORS DO. Jerez- Xérès-Sherry


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This wine thin Dove and Pedro Ximenez consists of grape.
Information of production
Cut Stick belongs to the variety, with 30 years of aging what awards to this wine a spectacular concentration.


Card of Trying
Dark amber came from color. In nose his aromas offer the sublime combination of dried fruits contributed by the variety Dove, assembled with the sweetness of the grape Pedro Ximenez toasted to the Sun. Lightly doomed, round and structured good.
This wine turns out to be ideal accompanying pâtés, cheeses and red meats.
Temperature of service
To serve to temperature sets.

Type of article:
Geographical zone:
Presentation ud.: White Wine with Madeira
Wine D.O. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry and Manzanilla
Andalusia (Spain)
20 % volume
Bottle I glaze 75 cl.

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