The company Chivas Brothers is one of the most recognized worldwide, since the early nineteenth century was established in Scotland. James and Jonh Chivas Brothers chose a combination of Scotch malt and grain whiskeys. In 1843 Queen Victoria of England granted the first Royal to the Company Garantia. Its international expansion took place in the early decades of the nineteenth century, whiskey Chivas Regal became the best-selling drinks whiskey Chivas Regal espirituosas.El product 12 years is one of the best-selling blend whiskeys in the world. Created on the basis of malt whiskey and grain whiskey it offers a unique blend of flavors.

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Distilled and mixed in Scotland, this blended 12 years is one of the most sold in the world, especially in Mexico and Central America, where the brand has been promoted for many years Scotch whiskeys.

It has a unique mixture composed of 40 other single malts, including Dalwhinnie, all aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 years. It is one of five luxury whiskeys sold in the world.

It highlighted by a subtle peaty smoky aroma that increases his soft palate.

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