Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Bourbon 70 CL.
  • Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Bourbon 70 CL.

Whisky Caramelo Why&Mel BOT. 70 CL.


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Definition: Why & Mel is the name of whiskey Candy Williams & Humbert wineries proposes an increasingly global and innovative market. Why & Mel is the only one capable of differentiating its sophisticated flavor and intensity of aromas. Elaboration: This liqueur made from a careful selection of the best single malts has been enriched with a hint of caramel makes it an exquisite and delicate on the palate drink. Tasting Notes: amber light, bright and clear, wraps you in soft hues and persistent aromas. It is sweet, creamy and enveloping. Consumption: Best served very cold, alone or with ice.


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