Sherry Vinegar Gran Gusto O.D. Bodegas Paez Morilla 37.5 cl. Buy 6 bottles with 10% discount


Buy 6 bottles with 10% discount

Paez Morilla Gran Gusto is an amber vinegar aged in American oak sherry bottles (more specifically, the grape Palomino Fino) for two to five years. On the palate this vinegar is smooth, however, will stick tangy.

 It is one of the most respected in the world vinegars. Like wine, sherry vinegar is from the Jerez region of Andalusia. Sherry vinegar is produced by injection of sherry with a bacterium that triggers a fermentation process. Once you start the fermentation process, the vinegar is subjected to the same aging process as sherry wine and placed in oak barrels. Alive and well structured, with a penetrating, lasting astringency, these vinegars have the notes of nuts would be found in sherry and bouquet of flavors and aromas I`d well in fine wine. Sherry vinegar gives salads a "push" extra and makes amazing glazes and marinades.

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