WINE JEREZ PALO CORTADO urium v.o.r.s 50 cl.


WINE JEREZ PALO CORTADO urium v.o.r.s 50 cl.
Elaboration: Its oxidative aging of more than 30 years and the reminiscences of the fineness by which it was initially classified, make our stick cut a complex oenological curiosity. It combines the strength of the fragrant on the palate and the delicacy of amontillado in the aroma. Of dark brown color, its complex and fine aroma recalls to the hazelnuts and oranges. In the mouth it is deep and balanced with a very aromatic, soft and lasting retro-taste.
A round, complex and elegant wine. For exquisite palates.
This relic is perfect to enjoy alone, slowly savoring the variety of nuances that offers us. It can accompany a complete meal, especially it is taken with nuts, very cured cheese, ham, consomés and stews of gelatinous meat. Take it cool, between 12º and 14º C.

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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