Alhocen Chardonnay White Wine 2014

Alhocén breeding white wine Chardonnay F.B. 2014 emerges as a twist to white wines produced in the area so far. This is a complex and very elegant, agile for consumption, the fruit of the experience of the winemakers of the winery Miguel Domecq who have managed to extract maximum performance chardonnay grape crops along the banks of the Guadalete wine.

It is a light wine on the palate with a touch of acidity that refreshes, very long and satiny step that, despite being a dry wine has a sweet tooth and persistent. The retronasal discovers some fine toasted wood which, together with fruit, provide a unique experience.

For its organoleptic characteristics, it is very appropriate to enhance the consumption of rice, seafood, baked fish, semi-hard cheeses and vegetables.

15.68 € tax incl.

15.68 € per 1

Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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