SHERRY Oloroso en rama Cruz Vieja 75 CL
  • SHERRY Oloroso en rama Cruz Vieja 75 CL

Wine SHERRY Oloroso en rama Cruz Vieja 75 CL


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Name of origin: Jerez-Xérès-Sherry
Zone of production: Top Sherry, own(proper) vineyard in Montealegre's Payment.
Variety of grape: thin Dove
Type of wine: Generous
Warehouse: Warehouses Faustino Gonzalez
Upbringing: Oxidativa in boots of American oak, with an average aging of 10 years in the crossbeam of Fragrant that dates back to 1.900.
Fermentation: In boots of American oak to a temperature between(among) 22 º and 24 º C
Characteristics Organolépticas:
Color: Amber to mahogany dark. Brilliant.
Aroma: Intense and powerful, with recollections to nut, noble wood and brown notes.
Flavor: Tasty and structured, powerful and round. It is a wine with very much body.


Presentation: Bottle type jerezana 75 cl.
Stopper: cork, crown black and gold.
Capsule: Negress
Union: Excellent harmony with red meats, hunt(fighter) and old cheese.
Coservación and recommendations: To The being a wine in branch and in natural condition(state) can originate sediments. To preserve and to serve between(among) 17 º and 22ºC. (Temperature sets of warehouse)

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